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Titus Jump Side Kick

What are the main benefit of starting 
 1. Self-defense training
 2. Meet new friends
 3. Exercise
 4. Lose weight
 5. Something to do with the family
 6. Adds some excitement to your life
 7. Improve your flexibility
 8. More energy for your daily activities
 9. Better night's sleep
10. Cardio training
11. Health benefits
12. Makes me feel young
13. Self-improvement
14. Stress relief
15. Improves Leadership Skills
16. Enables you to participate in a Competitive Sport
17. Sustains Life long physical fitness
18. Over come poorly acquired habits
19. Self Confidence
20. It is fun

 At Mission Sierra basic Martial Arts Skills earn Advancement through testing and is awarded by higher level belts.
These are the 10 Color Belt

1.   White Belt with   No Stripe
2.   White Belt with   Vertical Yellow stripe
3.   Yellow Belt with  No Stripe
4.   Yellow Belt with  Vertical Green Stripe
5.   Green Belt with   No Stripe
6.   Green Belt with   Vertical Blue Stripe
7.   Blue Belt with     No Stripe
8.   Blue Belt with     Vertical Red Stripe
9.   Red Belt with      No Stripe
10. Red Belt with      Vertical Black Stripe

Black Belt is Now Worked for and all Black Belt require increasingly more and more time and learning as one progresses from 1st Dan to 9th Dan

At Mission Sierra  ITF-TKD 
training to make any of those 20 Items happen include 

Training includes

1. Aerobic exercise which is great for all round fitness and keeps your heart healthy.
2. Anaerobic exercise which helps strengthen your body.
3. Stretching to keep your body supple and help prevent injury.
4. Learning sequences of moves (Patterns) to sharpen your mind and improve you co-ordination.
5. Learning to defend yourself against attack (Self Defense).
6. Breaking boards which tests your technique and empowers you.  Sparring to teach you to deal with confrontation.
7. Sparring with and Opponent pre-arranged and free for self defense and competition.
8. Knowledge regarding the creation of Taekwon-do, its author, and history.

For More info about the items above Click on the Titles below Numbers  1,2,3,4,5 or 6 for more info. 

 General Choi Picture

On April 11th, 1955, the name Taekwon-Do was officially adopted for the martial art General Choi Hong Hi had developed using elements of the ancient Korean martial art of Taek Kyon and of Shotokan karate, a martial art he had learned while studying in Japan.

The philosophical values and the goals of Taekwon-Doare firmly rooted in the traditional moral culture of the Orient. On the technical side, defensive and offensive tactics are based on principles of physics, particularly Newton´s Law, which explains how to generate maximum force by increasing speed and mass during the execution of a movement.

Wanting to share the results of his philosophical reflections and his technical experiments, General Choi planned and wrote a unique reference work, the Encyclopedia of Taekwon-Do. In its fifteen volumes, he explained in detail the rules and practices of this art.

Always striving for excellence, General Choi presented Taekwon-Do as in a state of continuous evolution, open to changes that would improve its effectiveness. He wrote that anyone who believes he has fully discharged his duty will soon perish. Likewise, any undertaking that is perceived to have reached its objectives is likely to lose momentum, stagnate, and die.

Since the beginning, Taekwon-Do has never stopped evolving, driven by the strong will and a lot of hard work by its Founder. The leaders of the ITF today also recognize the need to evolve and they are equally passionate about the future of the organization.

Demo Cerdan Do San

10th-1st Gup Color Belt Videos - Diagrams/Detailed Description (Click on Colored Belt TUL BELOW for details CLICK on the Pattern NAME under PATTERN.)
Senior White
Senior Yellow
Senior Green
Senior Blue
Senior Red
1st-3rd Dan Black Belt Videos  
(Click on Black Belt TUL BELOW  PATTERN)
Junior can advance to III DAN - IV DAN Advancement age is 21 years old.
Dan I Black
Dan I Black
Dan I Black
Dan II Black
Dan II Black
Dan II Black
Dan III Black
Dan III Black
Dan III Black

4th-6th Dan Black Belt Videos  
(Click on Black Belt TUL BELOW  PATTERN)
Junior can advance to III DAN - IV DAN Advancement age is 21 years old.
                     Yon Gae
          Dan IV Black
                        Ul Ji
             Dan IV Black
                    Moon Moo
             Dan IV Black
                       So San
             Dan V Black
                     Se Jong
             Dan V Black
                       Tong Il 
            Dan VI Black

Pattern Moon Moo Dan IV Black Belt

General Choi developed twenty-four Taekwon-Do patterns. 
He chose the number 24 to correspond to the 24 hours in the day, a continuously repeated cycle that represents eternity. He named each pattern (except Chon-Ji) after important people in Korean history, as a reminder of the importance of honoring and cultivating respect for those who have accomplished great things. For certain patterns, the shape of the diagram and the total number of movements representing the pattern are also significant. General Choi's Last Seminar

Reverse turning kick in taekwondo

Although Taekwon-Do is a defensive art, training by the practical application of techniques against a real adversary, or several, is very important. In fact, it is an excellent way to check what a student has learned.Sparring is indispensable for the student who wants to progress. During sparring, he or she will test skills acquired, learn to recognize and, with practice, anticipate the opponent tactics; sparring builds self-control, self-confidence, and courage.

Tomaz Barada Sparring Instruction

Hapkido Med hh

All Taekwon-Do techniques are to be used only for self-defence. 
They are not to be used for aggression, except in cases of grave immediate danger for the practitioner or someone he must protect. Any other use would be considered assault.

Because of safety concerns, the rules of competition prohibit the use of techniques using the elbow, knee, or head as well as attacks below the belt. However, these additional techniques may be needed in special circumstances, for example when defending against armed opponents, or from a sitting or prone position. Therefore, these techniques are practiced in training. Once mastered, the techniques will be available for use in genuinely dangerous situations.

Taekwon-Do offers realistic, practical, and efficient techniques for good self-defence.

Blog punch

Breaking is part of the program for promotion to each higher level, starting with green belt, and is included in Black Belt competitions.

The goal of breaking is to allow the student to develop self-confidence. Breaking demonstrates that the student has mastered the techniques that allow him or her to produce maximum power.
Power breaking demonstrates technical efficiency, precision, aim, and power.
Special techniques in breaking combine athletic performance with perfect execution of techniques. These techniques include flying techniques and can be spectacular. Height and length of movements are emphasized.

It is very important to practice breaking without hurting oneself. Therefore, thorough preparation is essential.

6.  Fitness

Fifty Plus Fitness

Taekwon-Do is a great base for Family Fitness Lifestyle

Fitness, there is no better way of building an athletic, toned, physique than using your own body as the resistance. A quick glance at the bodies of gymnasts will show you just how muscular and fat free your body can become using such a program. You can also start your program at any time, regardless of your present physical condition and if you want to, you can take it to a point were you are almost as fit as an Olympic athlete and master the most amazing ab exercises.
Weight loss, your body is an ingenious creation that tries to protect you at all times. Because body fat is a part of the weight being lifted but does not provide any assistance when you are doing bodyweight exercises your body’s metabolism will make sure you lose fat to make the exercises easier and less likely to injure you next time. This is the opposite of weight training which uses an inanimate weight as the resistance and therefore does not require fat loss to prevent injury.

Strength, whether you want to increase your strength a little bit or build the extreme power needed to do hard core exercises it can be done easily and safely with a program of progressively more difficult bodyweight exercises.

Whatever goal you have in mind these exercises can be used to achieve it. For example, by changing the position of your body and therefore the leverage, you can create exercises which even advanced gym members would struggle to do. Such as going from standard press ups to hip press ups and then planche press ups or other intense chest exercises.  Which chest exercises you do really depends on what your goals are. Anyone who wants to develop muscular endurance and fitness would choose the basic exercises such as standard and incline press ups as it is only with these that you could build up to the high reps required.

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